ERTCElk River Touring Center (Slatyfork, WV)
ERTCEuropean Refining Technology Conference (various locations)
ERTCEscondido Research and Technology Center (California)
ERTCEdmonton Road and Track Club (Canada)
ERTCEmergency Response Training Course
ERTCEnvironment Research and Training Center (Thailand)
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None of the patients had complaints of Frey's syndrome, which was seen in 11% of patients in Owen ERTC et al study.
Various Post-Operative Complications encountered in comparison with Owen Series Post-Operative Complications Present Owen ERTC Study et al Temporary facial weakness 40.
During the first week of December 1941, engineer Soldiers began work on a large amphitheater in the center of the ERTC that could seat 6,250 Soldiers for shows, outdoor entertainment, and open-air classes.
Activity was intense at the ERTC in early 1941 as the cadre organized headquarters, groups, battalions, and companies.
After V-J Day ended World War II, the ERTC established a separation point to assist veterans returning to civil life.
ERTC has already trained over 200 women in the technique of building the wood stoves, although the basic design relies on moulding clay, a skill widely passed from mothers to their daughters to make cooking pots and other household items.
The ERTC was designed by -- and its curriculum adapted from -- RISC.
The Rural/Metro ERTC is available not only to GMEPA members, but also to companies nationwide.