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ERVEasy-to-Read Version (bible)
ERVEuropäische Reiseversicherung (German insurance)
ERVEnergy Recovery Ventilator
ERVElektronischer Rechtsverkehr (Austria, legal)
ERVEntérocoques Résistants à la Vancomycine (French: Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci)
ERVEndogenous Retrovirus
ERVEnglish Revised Version (of the Bible)
ERVEmergency Response Vehicle (American Red Cross)
ERVExpiratory Reserve Volume
ERVExchange Rate Variation (finance)
ERVEstimated Retail Value
ERVEarth Return Vehicle (NASA)
ERVEstimated Rental Value
ERVExtended Remote Viewing
ERVEcotoxicity Reference Value
ERVEstimated Replacement Value
ERVElectric Rotary Valve (Bio-Chem Fluidics)
ERVEscadrons de Ravitaillement en Vol (French: Flight Refueling Squadrons)
ERVEmergency Rendezvous (British military)
ERVElectric Recreational Vehicle
ERVEndosymbiotic Endogenous Retrovirus
ERVElectronic Relief Valve (Valvtechnologies)
ERVEmergency Relief Valve
ERVelectromatic relief valve
ERVEuphrates River Valley (Iraq)
ERVEarth Re-entry Vehicle
ERVEffective Radiated Voltage
ERVEcotropic Recombinant Virus
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A total of 291 monkeys -- 35 in one facility, and 256 in another facility -- underwent tests for ERV.
There are many forms of Ebola, and ERV is the tamest type of virus to healthy humans.
Have your system cleaned at least two to four times a year to make sure your ERV doesn't lose efficiency, recommends Greg Day, applications engineer at LG Electronics.
After entering specific parameters, desired conditions and building information, it was possible to make use of the developed Excel tool, to determine which out of the three possible options; TERV, HRV or ERV, was the most suitable one.
In a lawsuit filed on March 25, ERV Orchards' attorney Michelle Green of Jeffers Danielson Sonn and Aylward PLLC claims Brendan Bergren did not return the funds and, since the Bregrens are involved in a dispute that involves accusations of forged signatures, converted funds and concealed assets, ERV Orchards is suffering harm and is seeking prejudgment interest and a temporary restraining order to prevent Brendan Bergren from disposing of the funds in the Bergren Orchard LLC account until it can be resolved.
Case 9--A/C with ERV and standard-efficiency DX dehumidifier
In addition to an emphasis on proactive measures, it is extremely important to have an emergency response, which is being addressed by the new ERV.
The elliptical action of the ERV helps settle materials in bags, boxes or other containers for shipping or storage.
Both vehicles offer the reliability, stability, speed, endurance and power as the Prowler LTATV, but the Prowler Emergency Wild Fire Response ERV (top far right), designed for the wild fire emergency first responders provides a self-contained fire fighting unit and the ability to act as a remote pumping station.
There are detailed instructions about discovering tails, establishing an ERV (emergency rendezvous), and so forth, enough to satisfy the most reluctant reader.
We have a strategic partnership with Interlink to develop solutions, like ERV, that meet our unique business needs and contribute positively to our bottom line," said Burnette.