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ERVICExternal Relations and Volunteer Involvement Committee (Chartered Financial Analyst Institute; Charlottesville, VA)
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Arida's response became controversial after US-based Filipino radio talk show host DJ Mo Twister, whose real name is Mohan Gumatay, criticised the beauty queen for her views, which in turn sparked an Instagram war between DJ Mo and Arida's suitor, basketball player and actor Ervic Vijandre.
Ahearn, Alan McConchie, [2] Carol Glaser, Cynthia Jean, Chris Barker, Bborie Park, Kerry Padgett, Erin Parker, Ervic Aquino, and Vicki Kramer
also stars Shamaine Buencamino, Ryza Cenon, Chariz Solomon, Ash Ortega, Ervic Vijandre and Ken Alfonso.
Parks will have Gerald Anderson, Chris Tiu, Young JV, Ervic Vijandre and Kevin Alas among others, as his teammates for a day.
A costume parade featured Kris Bernal, Mike Tan, Benjamin Alves, Joyce Ching, Frencheska Farr, Pancho Magno, Ervic Vijandre, Aryan Bautista and Max Collins.
Ariella, asked if rumored boyfriend Ervic Vijandre made her happy: "Maraming [bagay] .
However, basketball player, actor and reportedly the suitor of Ariella, Ervic Vijandre, shot back at DJ Mo through his Instagram account (ervic_vijandre) by posting a screenshot of DJ Mo's comment and captioning it: "Shut the f**k up
San Beda's diminutive point guard Anjo Caram was selected by Meralco, flashy guard Eliud Poligrates by Talk N' Text, Raymund Ilagan by Alaska, actor Ervic Vijandre by Rain or Shine and former FEU player JR Cawaling by San Mig Coffee in the third.