ERYEast Riding of Yorkshire (parish; England, UK)
ERYEuropean Regions for Youth
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RDS and CS samples have been utilized as photocathodes in p-DSC solar cell employing ERY [12] as dye.
The CS samples sensitized with ERY generate p-DSCs with performances that are weakly dependent on NiO electrode thickness as shown by Voc, Jsc and n values that are practically unchanged when l passes from 0.
In addition the RDS treated ERY sensitized NiO coatings have shown four times more electroactivity in comparison with furnace sintered NiO coatings.
This result for ERY can be explained by its use in combination with rifampin as treatment of choice since the 1980s (GIGUERE et al.
equi Brazilian isolates used here showed a large susceptibility profile, except against ERY, for which it was observed some resistance evidence due the intermediate sensitivity profile verified.
The formation of biofilms enhanced the resistance of some strains to all tested antibiotics aside from GM and ERY, to which all the tested strains were resistant even in the absence of biofilm, and LEV (Table 2).
Capacity of ERY to overcome BBF-mediated antibiotic resistance
In addition to the claims concerning the Direxion ERY Fund, Stull, Stull & Brody is also investigating claims on behalf of investors in other Direxion leveraged funds (the "Funds") (see list below), such as whether Direxion failed to disclose in its registration statements: (i) that if shares of the Funds were held for a time period longer than one day, the likelihood of massive losses was huge; and (ii) the extent to which performance of the Funds would invariably diverge from the performance of the benchmark.
The ERY Fund seeks investment results that correspond to three times (300%) the inverse (or opposite) of the daily performance of the Russell 1000 Energy Index (the "Russell 1000").
Erys (left) receives his award from FUW president Emyr Jones
Designed hundreds of years ago by practical farmers, Erys are a specialty of the unique topography of the Deccan Plateau, at whose edge Chennai stands.
Cutting the anniversary cake are, Alun Evans, Ed Bailey, Annie Parry, Malcolm Thomas and Erys Hughes