ESBWREconomic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor
ESBWREuropean Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (aerosol science)
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India's government has identified two possible sites for a potential new station featuring multiple reactors based on GEH's 1,520-megawatt (MW) ESBWR model.
We are excited at the prospect of working with TCE on our future ESBWR projects.
In addition to deploying the ESBWR, GEH notified the NRC in December that the company intends to renew its design certification for the ABWR for an additional 15 years beyond 2012.
Discussions with other reactor manufacturers began in August after an internal analysis conducted this summer showed that technologies other than the ESBWR provide the project greater commercial and schedule certainty.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Hitachi and GE will start building the ESBWR in 2010 to put it into use in 2014.
The company's next design, the ABWR, was 1,350 megawatts, and its ESBWR is 1,560.
At those rates, the overnight capital cost (the cost excluding interest on capital) of a new nuclear plant would need to be in the range of $1,000 per kilowatt (kW) to be competitive, which is the cost goal of the AP-1000 and the ESBWR.
With its advanced, true passive safety systems, the ESBWR is the world s safest approved nuclear reactor design, based on core damage frequency.
EPR Comanche Peak, Units 3 & 4 US-APWR Fermi, Unit 3 ESBWR Grand Gulf, Unit 3 ESBWR Levy County, Units 1 & 2 AP1000 New Site, Nine Mile Point, Unit 3 U.
PGE) is developing Poland's first two nuclear generating stations and is currently evaluating several reactor technologies for these plants, including two GEH reactor designs: the 1,350-megawatt (MWe) ABWR and the 1,520-MWe ESBWR.