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This mission was also the first in which the 3d ESC was forced to use its organic equipment since it had relocated from Germany to Kentucky.
ESC Loyalty, the loyalty-services subsidiary of TSYS, is a leading provider of technology-based loyalty-marketing solutions for the financial-services and retail industries.
Today, ESC is working to acquire sophisticated systems dedicated to battle surveillance, data transmission and intuitive information display.
Medical Journal Publication - Twelve-month results from the ENDEAVOR I clinical trial will be published in the European medical journal EuroIntervention and be available at ESC.
From saving the lives of occupants in both single- and multi- vehicle crashes to reducing the financial burden associated with crashes, the value of ESC has never been clearer.
A combined CRT-ICD device is recommended by ESC for patients considered for CRT and in whom the risk of SCA remains high despite optimal medical treatment.
This is excellent news for everyone interested in keeping America's roads safer," said Bill Kozyra, president and CEO, Continental Teves North America, observing the increase in ESC applications in North America.
Continental's most exciting display will be the hands-on, ride and drive opportunities featuring a total vehicle safety concept and ESC safety technology demonstrator vehicles.
Within the last 10 years, ESC has proven invaluable for increasing passenger vehicle safety," said Rich Golitko, marketing director, electronic stability control, Robert Bosch Corporation.
In addition, ESC provides end-to-end systems integration services such as: business and technical analyses, disciplined IT deployments, 24x7 technical support, and reliable data center application hosting services.
All Hyundai vehicles equipped with standard ESC are tagged with a small window decal reading "ESC: Life-saving technology confirmed by NHTSA and IIHS studies.