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ESCAElectron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
ESCAEscaflowne (anime series)
ESCAEscuela Superior de Comercio y Administración (México)
ESCAEmergency Services Coordinating Agency
ESCAEuropean Speech Communication Association
ESCAExhibition Services & Contractors Association (US)
ESCAEnglish Speaking Cancer Association (Geneva, Switzerland)
ESCAExposition Service Contractors Association
ESCAEgyptian Society of Crystallography and Its Applications
ESCAEgyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities
ESCAEmpire State Consumer Association
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As Esca, Jamie Bell plays a man of divided loyalties, and he registers ambivalence, anger, and torment quite effectively.
Tatum is impressively brooding and his chaste bromance with Esca is well developed.
Fortunately, "The Eagle" saves the best for last--as Marcus and Esca are forced to flee, facing seemingly insurmountable odds.
Christmas Eve brings yet another opportunity to celebrate the season with a lavish buffet dinner of traditional treats at Esca Restaurant.
Esca invests heavily in its health and safety procedures to ensure its workforce stays safe and healthy and has worked hard to create a positive safety culture.
Norma Cano Olea, Directora de la ESCA, y a las directrices y sugerencias del Ing.
AaAaAa FT quotes Thami Ghorfi of the Casablanca's Esca School of Management (founded in 1992) as saying that Morocco is becoming a business education hub for North and West Africa.
Regular soap works, but Esca Tech makes a special contaminant-removing cleaner.
A ESCA e definida como uma relacao de mercantilizacao e abuso do corpo de criancas e adolescentes por exploradores sexuais, sejam eles as imbricadas redes de comercializacao local e global, pais/responsaveis ou os consumidores de servicos sexuais pagos (E.
Conventional laboratory instruments for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), also known as ESCA (electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis), are generally limited to approximately 3 [micro]m resolution at best.
Joint ventures include Esca near Times Square, and Del Posto, a grand Italian restaurant in a 18,000 s/f Chelsea space.