ESCASEuropean Society for Central Asian Studies (Turkey)
ESCASExporters Supply Chain Assurance System (various organizations)
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We are convinced that these abuses by incompetent individuals can be more directly and effectively controlled under ESCAS, and Australian-led training programs will deliver improved welfare outcomes.
Ms Penfold said ESCAS is capable of regulating the trade, is the only system of its type in the world, and will continue to evolve as animal welfare needs change.
We saw 18 months ago in Indonesia some horrible abuses that led to the introduction of ESCAS.
DAFF has determined the alleged breaches occurred prior to the first consignment of cattle exported to Israel under ESCAS arriving in the country.
While there was no breach of ESCAS, the Israeli Government is investigating
Subsequent additional independent audits of the abattoir have shown that the abattoir is compliant with ESCAS.
Under ESCAS, exporters must ensure that livestock will be handled in accordance with internationally accepted World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) standards up to and including the point of slaughter.
ESCAS also ensures transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain and allows the department to identify breaches and take appropriate regulatory action.
The department will conduct a full investigation of the ESCAS non compliance and continue to provide further information as it becomes available and can be verified through official channels.