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ESCMeSourcing Capability Model (Carnegie Mellon University)
ESCMEnterprise System Connection (IBM) Manager
ESCMElectronic Supply Chain Manifest
ESCMEnvironmental Supply Chain Management
ESCMElectric Sky Church Music (Brian Transeau music album)
eSCMeServices Capability Model
ESCMEcole Supérieure de Commerce de Martigny
ESCMEcole Supérieure de Création et de Multimédia (French: School of Design and Multimedia)
ESCMEscuela de Ciencias del Mar
ESCMEven-Symmetric Chaotic Map
ESCMEnterprise Supply Chain Management
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ESCM was prepared when cultured embryonic stem cells reached 70% to 80% confluency.
and $336,000/year) were funded from FY2012 ESCM appropriations.
The problem of the distribution of the density of heat generation in the slag pool in ESCM of the blanks of this type was solved in the cylindrical coordinate system (z, r,) with the origin situated at the intersection of the longitudinal axes of the body and the nipples.
The ESCM is proposed for the multiphase materials by Lin (15).
An independent assessment of the earlier operational test, the ESCM project, reported results that helped generate industry enthusiasm for the EFM initiative.
The ESCM request includes $100 million to strengthen compound security at vulnerable posts.
ESCM incorporates technologies that enable positive identification of the persons responsible for tracking the movement of cargo within and between transportation modes.
The Worldwide Security Upgrades (WSU) subaccount within ESCM provides funding for bricks and mortar-type of security needs.
Yamanu is a full-service provider of enterprise security and compliance management products and services - a specialty area that it calls ESCM - to European government agencies and companies subject to stringent information security requirements.
It also permits the transfer of additional funds to the ESCM account after consultation with appropriate committees.
Contract Awarded for Procedure and Controls updates within the ESCM
3547, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014, exceeded the Administration's request for ESCM of $2.