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ESCREconomic, Social, and Cultural Rights
ESCRembryonic stem cell research
ESCREnvironmental Stress Cracking Resistance
ESCRElectronic Social Care Records (UK)
ESCREuropean Society of Cardiac Radiology
ESCRExtended Status Control Register (computer programming)
ESCREntente Sportive Le Cannet-Rocheville (French sports club)
ESCRElementary Stream Clock Reference
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The ESCR network goes further: form female-led unions, because women are overrepresented among exploited laborers.
21,20] have proposed "interlamellar failure" as the controlling mechanism of environmental stress crack (ESC), with the concentration of the tie molecules as a factor in ESCR.
The resistance achieved for this new range, which includes Sabic Vestolen A BI5822 and Sabic Vestolen A BI5828, is more than double the ESCR recorded by comparable materials, making it ideal for aggressive chemical products.
20 of NaOH solution prepared from the pellets of concentrated NaOH were used to measure the ESCR of the bottles.
All this is taking place against the backdrop of the ongoing controversy over federal funding of ESCR.
The full respect for women's human rights, including ESCR, is still woefully deficient, especially for women in the most vulnerable circumstances: because they are poor; because they live in areas of armed conflict; because of their age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation; or because of their place of residence.
The marginalization of ESCR can be seen from this fact, especially considering the distinct wording between the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which favors the extraterritorial application of ESCR rights.
Even when truth commissions choose not to take positions on the violations of ESCR, they may still provide compelling evidence of the interrelatedness of ESCR and CPR-in terms of causes and consequences arising out of the same series of events.
Enter Pennsylvania Republican Senators Rick Santorum (who has likened ESCR to abortion but who is up for reelection) and Arlen Specter (an ardent proponent of ESCR), who, backed by the President's Council on Bioethics, have concocted a novel way to split this political baby.
I acknowledged the importance of ESCR as rights, but cautioned against an over-concentration on litigation strategies and pointed to limitations of the judicial process in view of the nature of ESCR.
Social parenting is a growing trend:The most rapidly growing family type is the stepfamily, according to the ESCR research.
During the summer 2001 debate over ESCR, critics of the procedure pointed Out that "adult" stem cells offered more promise in medical research than embryonic stem cells.