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ESCREconomic, Social, and Cultural Rights
ESCRembryonic stem cell research
ESCREnvironmental Stress Cracking Resistance
ESCRElectronic Social Care Records (UK)
ESCREuropean Society of Cardiac Radiology
ESCRElementary Stream Clock Reference
ESCRExtended Status Control Register (computer programming)
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It boasts higher stiffness, burst and hoop strengths, and ESCR.
In order to push forward the skills of young cardiac radiologists, the ESCR offers an onsite Cardiac Imaging Examination which will be an essential part of the European Diploma for Cardiac Imaging which was endorsed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) to guarantee and establish radiologic standards and skills on the highest level throughout Europe.
Thus a comparison of one resin's ESCR to another based on datasheet values is suspect.
21,20] have proposed "interlamellar failure" as the controlling mechanism of environmental stress crack (ESC), with the concentration of the tie molecules as a factor in ESCR.
Also interesting are an mLLDPE for rigid packaging with excellent ESCR for lightweighting, and an HDPE that sets a new industry benchmark for lightweighting of blow molded rigid packaging.
The advantage of the material is also evident in its enhanced ESCR performance, giving a 50 percent improvement on the already outstanding ESCR of its predecessor BorPure MB6561.
PP offers many advantages over PE, including increased stiffness, higher temperature performance, improved ESCR, superior scratch resistance and higher gloss surface finish," commented Ronny Ervik, European Technical Development Manager, Ultrapolymers.
Superior ESCR is also one of the primary qualities of Sabic's new multimodal HDPE portfolio, developed for household, industrial and chemical (HIC) packaging applications.
A discussion of the comprehensive experimental results in terms of bottles' mechanical, thermal, and ESCR values is presented.
Whereas ESCR is inherently controversial-it requires hollowing out human embryos to extract their stem cells--none of that surrounds iPS cells or the other ethically-acceptable alternative, adult stem cells.
free electronic access to EPOS[TM], the Electronic Presentation Online System which comprises more than 6 300 electronic presentations shown during ECR, ESCR, ESGAR, ESMRMB, SIR and CIRSE that can be viewed and downloaded
Throughout the mission I was disturbed to see the devastating impact of the paternalism that marks federal and provincial government, legislations, policies and budgetary allocation for Aboriginal people on and off reserve," he said "These policies have seriously compromised the right to self-determination that Aboriginal people enjoy under the original treaties and the International Covenant on ESCR.