ESITEcole Supérieure d'Interprètes et de Traducteurs (French: Higher School Interpreters and Translators, Sorbonne, Paris)
ESITEuropean Symposium on Intelligent Techniques
ESITEnte Sardo Industrie Turistiche (Italian: Sardinian Tourist Industry Institution; Italy)
ESITEducation Society for Information Technology
ESITECS (Expeditionary Combat Support) Scheduling Integration Team (USAF)
ESITElectrical System Integrated Test
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The MoU between TII and Sorbonne Nouvelle University Paris 3's ESIT will enrich the academic experience of both parties by offering exchange and collaboration opportunities to the institutions' students, faculty and scholars.
Since 1967, ESIT has graduated 3,510 professionals in translation and interpreting and built an international reputation for its multidisciplinary approach to translation and interpreting education.
ALPNET's purchase of ESIT is the latest step in our ongoing plan to provide high quality translation services to businesses engaged in international trade.