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ESMFEarth System Modeling Framework (UC Irvine/IBM supercomputer)
ESMFEnvironmental and Social Management Framework
ESMFEarth System Modeling Facility (University of California, Irvine)
ESMFElliott Smith Memorial Fund (Los Angeles, CA)
ESMFEndangered Species Mitigation Fund (Utah)
ESMFEleanor Steber Music Foundation (est. 1875)
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As an example, below are the application programming interfaces (APIs) of the ESMF and CESM model component run methods:
This congruence in component API and overall architecture means that CESM and ESMF model components are close to being able to work in either framework.
Given commonalities in these areas, the ESMF, CPL7, and FMS frameworks can be said to share a CMA.
ESMF emerged as a way to implement the reference API.
The ESMF design evolved over a period of years through weekly community reviews and thousands of user support interactions.
Although ESMF does not provide a complete coupler component, it does include tools for building them.
ESMF provides component interfaces, data structures, and methods with few constraints about how to use them.
The caps provide access to fields imported, fields exported, and clock information through the ESMF component APIs.
5) NUOPC Layer calls mainly appear in parts of a coupled modeling system related to component creation and sequencing, and may be interspersed with calls to ESMF time management, grid remapping, and other methods.
Implementing schedules and cost estimates for the ESMF
The development of TOR for the specific E&S due diligence instruments that - within the context of ESMF preparation - have been found to be required for identified investment projects
The draft ESMF prepared by the consultant will be disclosed to a broader stakeholder spectrum through appropriate channels to validate findings and observations, and discussed in public meetings hearings in various locations within Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland