ESMREnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESMRExtracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization
ESMRExtended Specialized Mobile Radio (Nextel)
ESMRExpert Systems Message Router
ESMREthical Society Mid Rivers (St. Louis, MO)
ESMRElectrically/Electronically Scanned/ing Microwave Radiometer
ESMREngine Starter Motor Relay
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EA licensees who previously elected to relocate to or remain in the ESMR Band and elect to opt out of relocating to or remaining in the ESMR Band may file a Guard Band election during the filing window along with their rescission of the previous election.
EA licensees electing to move to the ESMR Band must relocate and convert their EA licenses and the associated site-based licenses to ESMR technology and provide ESMR service to customers by the end of the EA license term.
Licensees relocating to the Guard Band or ESMR Band will be entitled only to limited interference protection.
Entities unsure of their eligibility to file ESMR elections should consult the definitions of SMR and ESMR in Section 90.
The company is planning to build its ESMR networks using the Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) standard.
Cellular $60 $47 $40 PCS 53 36 36 ESMR 51 56 55 Average $60 $48 $50
The ERAU can carry three frequency bands (800 MHz cellular, 800 MHz ESMR, and 1900 MHz PCS) in the same antenna unit.
Singer cited emerging 1XRTT, GPRS and EDGE networks in the Americas as an example, suggesting that cellular, PCS and ESMR operators need to take care in selecting their RF technology partners for 2.
Dolphin Telecom is in the process of building digital ESMR networks in Europe.
HIGHLIGHTS For the first quarter ended March 31, 2001 All amounts are in US$, unless otherwise stated - As of March 31, 2001, 61,900 ESMR subscribers were connected to Dolphin's Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) networks.
The network is intended to be used to pilot commercial ESMR services for the first time in Germany.
Because of its broadband design, the new MicroTenna(TM) accommodates all air interfaces encountered in the challenging indoor wireless environment: ESMR, AMPS, GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS, ISM, WLL and MMDS.