ESR1Estrogen Receptor 1 Gene
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In our search for other potential SNP candidates, we came across ESR1 exon 8 Btglpolymorphism, also known as G594A (substitution of guanine (G) by adenine (A) in location 594) or rs2228480, which was recently shown to carry significant association with susceptibility to migraines (12).
To the extent that statements in this release are not strictly historical, including without limitation statements as to our ability to improve the detection and treatment of cancer, our ability to develop minimally invasive blood-based tests to detect mutation in the ESR1, the role of ESR1 in endocrine therapy resistance and its ability to serve as a companion diagnostic to cancer therapeutics, physicians' use of our technology to personalize the treatment of patients with cancer, market acceptance of liquid biopsy, and our ability to expand into new cancer indications and grow our portfolio of biomarker assays, such statements are forward-looking, and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
We have previously shown that ESR1 alone measured from FF tissue has very high sensitivity and specificity by use of ER status by IHC as the gold standard (8).
Target Assay ID (a) Accession n Mean [+ or -] SD gene number (b) (range) ESR1 Hs01046812_m1 NM_000125 96 1.
5] Human genes: ESR1, estrogen receptor 1 (formerly ESR); ESR2, estrogen receptor 2 (ER R); KCNHS, potassium voltage-gated channel, subfamily H (eag-related), member 5; GJA4, gap junction protein, [alpha]4, 37 kDa (formerly CX37).
Similarly, the relationship between ESR1 and MI seems to be affected by differences related to sex (1, 3).
The researchers found that differences in the ESR1 receptor gene do not influence high density lipoprotein cholesterol response to hormone replacement therapy or risk of CVD, most cancers of reproductive organs or hip fracture.
This feature allows the encoded protein ESR1 to be used as a selectable marker of transformed cells by growing the transformed cells on cytokinin-free media.
The original ESR1 auxotrophs were created by transposon mutagenesis and assigned inferred genotypes based on their ability to grow on certain metabolic intermediates.
Along with a categorical classification of breast cancer subtype, it also provides quantitative values for proliferation, luminal gene expression, ESR1, PGR and ERBB2.
Based on gene expression direction of 14 genes, namely CCR2, CXCL6, DACT2, ELF5, ENAH, ESR1, FLT1, LIN28B, NCAM1, NOX4, SERPINA1, TLE1, TLR7, XRCC5, it can be concluded that Rhodiola may have beneficial effect in cancer, that is in line with growing body of evidence about antitumor activity of Rhodiola and salidroside [Cai et al.
Second, it induces expression of interferon regulatory factor 2 (IRF2) in uterine LE/sGE to silence expression of ESR1 and classical IFNT stimulated genes, while, in concert with progesterone (P4), enhancing expression of genes by uterine LE/sGE required for conceptus development, implantation and successful development of the conceptus to term.