ESRINEuropean Space Research Institute
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Provision of Catering Services to be performed in the ESRIN establishment covering as a baseline (i) the canteen services for staff and visitors (approximately 600 meals/day) (ii) the bar service for staff and visitors and (iii) the coffee breaks services for official meetings The contract will be placed with an initial duration of 3 years with a possible further extension of 2 years.
The HDTV broadcast, which will include contributions of electronic cinema files, will be uplinked from ESA's ESRIN establishment in Frascati, near Rome, to ATLANTIC BIRD?
The PDNS services cover the multi-mission Data Networks and Security infrastructure the provision of a Virtual hosting service for processing and dissemination of EO data the potential utilisation of emerging services for large scale computation and the PDS infrastructure located in ESRIN that contains the System and DataBase Administration services and the Operation and Maintenance of theESRIN facilities such as the Control Room for Earth Observation Payloads (Creop) and the Virtual Reality Theatre.