ESTATExploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit (open-source software; epidemiology)
ESTATEuropean Surface-to-Air Tactics Analysis Team
ESTATExecution Status and Monitoring (Theater Battle Management Core System)
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This paper presents the development history of the ESTAT application, specifically reporting on our efforts to make geovisualization tools usable for epidemiology.
During the ESTAT development process, designs are discussed through regular meetings and via informal email communication.
During the development of ESTAT, this stage has been essentially concurrent with the stage that follows it in our process diagram--interaction/usability assessment.
Bulgarians' attitudes on shale gas development are largely based on the anticipated concrete profits, according to the ESTAT poll.
We changed the treatment paradigm to a three-hour infusion which has been designed to reduce fibrinogen levels quickly, while also avoiding prolonged low fibrinogen levels as seen in the ESTAT data.
Generated on 20 January 2004 by Catherine Nolin using ESTAT.
41) Joachim Du Bellay, "Ample Discours au Roy sur le faict des quatre Estats du royaume de France", In: CEuvres poetiques, ed.
L'Estat federal, associacio dels Estats nacionais, es l'organisme juridich de la nova formacio politica" [el instrumento de la asociacion de las naciones.
Internet research organization Estats forecasts the "emergence and proliferation of segmented or vertical Internet Service Providers dedicated to a specific industry, region or user group.
Il tente donc de demontrer qu'il est singe, ce qui represente un moindre mal, alors que dans Les Estats et Empires de la Lune il essayait precisement de demonter qu'il n'etait pas ce primate.
Cyrano de Bergerac, L'Autre Monde ou les Estats et Empires de la Lune, ed.
For more than 20 years, the Earl and Countess of Harewood have provided complimentary access to the gros unds of their estats e, including Harewood House bird garden and the adventure playground.