ESTATExploratory Spatio-Temporal Analysis Toolkit (open-source software; epidemiology)
ESTATEuropean Surface-to-Air Tactics Analysis Team
ESTATExecution Status and Monitoring (Theater Battle Management Core System)
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Bulgarians' attitudes on shale gas development are largely based on the anticipated concrete profits, according to the ESTAT poll.
L'Estat federal, associacio dels Estats nacionais, es l'organisme juridich de la nova formacio politica" [el instrumento de la asociacion de las naciones.
For more than 20 years, the Earl and Countess of Harewood have provided complimentary access to the gros unds of their estats e, including Harewood House bird garden and the adventure playground.
Satyre Menippee de la Vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne et de la tenue des Estats de Paris.
This is nowhere more evident than in the eSTATS Overview issued by eMarketer that explains, "The Internet is evolving into an upscale microcosm of America.