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ESTCEuropean Semantic Technology Conference
ESTCEscola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Cinema and Theater High School of Portugal)
ESTCEnglish Short Title Catalog (bibliographic database)
ESTCEthiopian Science and Technology Commission
ESTCEscola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (Portugal)
ESTCEarth Science Technology Conference
ESTCEmergency Services Training Center
ESTCExecutive Science and Technology Council (SAIC)
ESTCElectronic System Integration Technology Conference
ESTCExplosives Storage and Transport Committee (United Kingdom)
ESTCEssential Systems Technical Consulting
ESTCEugene Swim and Tennis Club (Oregon)
ESTCEnvironmental Science and Technology Centre (Canada)
ESTCExponential Server Timing Channel
ESTCEast Side Tenants Coalition
ESTCEngineering Student Technology Committee
ESTCElectronic Services and Training Center
ESTCEmbedded System Technology Center
ESTCEnjeux Sociaux & Technologiques de la Communication (France)
ESTCEastern Shore Technology Council (Salisbury, MD)
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36) AL copy: shelfmark 1587 GREA; ESTC, S101176; Beale, Law Books, S31.
Although survival rates alone do not yield conclusive evidence about print runs or sales, the ESTC records fifty-five copies of the "London: 1687" issue in public and national libraries in Britain and North America, plus five copies recorded in Australia and New Zealand.
In the case of the librettos, the citation is followed by the RISM library sigla and press mark of the copy consulted, followed by square brackets which contain the relevant CS and ESTC numbers.
En el ESTC sugeri, como una primera aproximacion a la concepcion comunitarista sobre la comprension, esta identificacion entre un hecho sobre el significado de una expresion y cierto conjunto infinito de usos linguisticos de la misma por parte de un miembro experto de una comunidad de hablantes.
According to the ESTC, the Newberry Library has a copy of a 1745 Roxana; whether this is the edition Peterson could not locate is impossible to say.
The ESTC is the annual, bi-national conference focusing on greening the tourism industry in the U.
A cursory scan of the ESTC will bear his thesis out--Hamlet was not the only book of Nicholas Ling's aimed at "the wiser sort"--but there are limits to its replicability, even in cases where we select only for publishers (as Lesser admits he does) with prolific, sustained careers.
Blayney's letter, with reply, concerning the unreliability of the ESTC, in The Library, 7th series, 1 (2000), 72-77; and David McKitterick, '"Not in STC": Opportunities and Challenges in the ESTC', The Library, 7th series, 6 (2005), 178-94.
Williams could have taken these analyses further by establishing with the help of ESTC the actual figures for Whig and Tory publications.
The ESTC is a massive project that seeks to provide descriptions and pertinent information on letterpress works created in Great Britain, any of its dependencies, or in English anywhere else in the world between 1475 and 1700.