ESYExtended School Year
ESYEnvironmentally Sustainable Yard (horticulture)
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You can find the language about ESY in the IDEA regulations at http://idea.
My doctoral research responsive to the former tyranny constituted a major prelude to my interest in ESY two decades later, amid the latter tyranny.
I think the ESY is so successful because we integrate the curriculum of the school into kitchen-and-garden classes, and then confirm that with a healthful school lunch," says David Prior, director of communications for the foundation.
Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India, said the POS market in India was expanding at a CAGR of 22 per cent and, of this, thermal printers were in high demand.
Todd's transaction with the owners of ESY includes capital funds to purchase and improve a 1,000 ton drydock which was recently added to ESY's operations, allowing Everett to compete in a broader market of marine repair and overhaul opportunities, as well as the build out of a ship repair facility on a newly leased waterfront parcel at the Port of Everett.
Terms of the sale include the purchase of ESY software and a license to deploy it on Edify's Electronic Workforce(R) (EWF) application development and runtime platform.
Although employee self service has been available in various forms for many years, there can be no assurance that consumers will accept employee self service or the company's products, including ESY, in sufficient numbers to make employee self service or the company's products successful.
Edify's EBS and ESY application products target, respectively, the markets for online banking and employee self service over the Internet, corporate intranets and the telephone.
ESY offers a suite of integrated application modules that automate the most common and time-intensive employee transactions managed by human resources organizations.
Edify is demonstrating ESY fully integrated with PeopleSoft 6.