ETAAEstimated Time to Achieve
ETAAElephant Trunk Access Area
ETAAEnterprising Travel Agents Association (India)
ETAAEducational Technical Assistance Act of 2002
ETAAEstate Tax Apportionment Act (Alabama)
ETAAEast Texas Anesthesiology Associates (Tyler, TX)
ETAAEmission Trading Association of Australia Ldp (Sydney, Australia)
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Osama Omara, secretary-general of the ETAA, told Daily News Egypt in previous remarks that there are 78 regular economy and charter flight companies with dues owed by the Ministry of Tourism.
The west African kdr mutation was detected and susceptibility to permethrin was restored with pre-exposure to ETAA in bottle bioassays indicating the likely presence of elevated glutathione transferase enzymes.
Although ETAA measurements provide acceptably reliable estimates of brain anaesthetic concentration, these do not reflect the hypnotic effect of anaesthetics on brain activity.
With only 100 clients as of early September, three full-time employees and three commission-based field reps, Bogard said ETAA would like to have 200,000 enrolled members by next July.
He added that the ETAA asked the members to pay the annual premium before 10 September 2017 to prevent the suspension of the insurance coverage provided to the company.
He expressed his happiness with the decision to postpone the increase, saying that it will contribute to increasing inflow to the archaeological areas in the coming period, noting that there is cooperation between the ETAA and the council.
Contrary to Zaki's call for new markets, Elhamy El-Zayat, former president of ETAA, said that attracting tourists from different countries isn't as easy as it looks.
The agreement between the families' lawyers and the ETAA stipulates that the latterwill pay "financial compensation" to the victims' families after the end of Eid Al-Adha.
The ETAA suggested creating a system that monitors the quality specifications of the sector, in order to help companies develop their service quality.
The Saudi ministry also set a fee of SAR 573 for each pilgrim coming in to Saudi Arabia by land, which will be paid by the tourism companies, according to a message sent by the ETAA to its members.
An ETAA official said that a demand to visit archaeological areas or for safari tours in the governorate would prompt studies about organising and rescheduling EgyptAir flights to the area again, in cooperation with EgyptAir Holding Company.
Board Member of ETAA Adel Abdel Razek said tourism programmes targeting Egyptians must cover the entire year, and should not be neglected or exist only during periods of crises.
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