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ETAREstação de Tratamento de Águas Residuais (Portugal)
ETAREquivalent Tissue-Air Ratio
ETAREndothelin Type A Receptor (proteins)
ETARElectronic Treatment Authorization Request
ETAREastern Thumb Association of Realtors (Port Huron, MI)
ETAREngineering Technical Assistance Request (Air Force)
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etar ar ar ar ar ar ar a y ha ha ha ha ha ha has And the Home Secretary has also announced a new police inquiry into events that day.
Due to this reverse stock split, the company's ticker symbol has been changed from ETAI to ETAR.
Align with Certification Goals: The AccuNurse product roadmap is on course to integrate the core features and requirements of the 2014 goals, including CPOE, eMAR and eTAR, to fully align with "meaningful use" criteria.
Remove 2x2 letters--most common core words appear 3 times ARIS & SIRA: DESIRADE (Guadeloupe, W Indies), HEARISHE, TSARISTS CHES: ENCHESEN, ISCHESIS (S), SECHESSE CNES: SECNESSE, ENSENCEN, ESSENCES ETAR & RATE: KARATEKA, LYRATELY, STRATEST Example of a longer core but fewer occurrences: STAND: ANSTANDAN, TO STAND TO
An integrated component of Keane NetSolutions, eCharting includes both eMAR and eTAR.
BULGARIAN second division side PFC Etar Veliko Tarnovo are feeling sheepish after taking a novel approach in a bid to end their losing streak.