ETBFEuropean Tenpin Bowling Federation
ETBFEastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery (Australia)
ETBFEnterotoxigenic Bacteroides Fragilis
ETBFEd Tech Business Forum (Software & Information Industry Association)
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For Australian fisheries, onboard scientific observers from the Australian Fisheries Management Authority have recorded size composition data for wahoo in the ETBF since 2002.
the 2 commercial fisheries, ETBF and New Caledonia, and the EC Rec) were used to construct length-converted catch curves according to the methods of Pauly (1983, 1984a, 1984b).
t] = the selectivity and fishing mortality at age for the ETBF, EC Rec, and New Caledonia (New Cal) fisheries, respectively.
Observer data from the ETBF were investigated to identify the life status of wahoo upon hauling--ranging from dead and in rigor mortis to alive and vigorous.
The median FLs for the ETBF, New Caledonia, EC Rec were 1400 mm (mean: 1366), 1320 (1304) mm, and 1209 (1222) mm.
Drew Pardoll, an immunologist and cancer researcher at Johns Hopkins, speculates that in humans, infection with ETBF "produces a low-level inflammation that persists for a long time.
If what we are seeing in mice holds true in humans, the chronic inflammation damages genetic material in the colon cells, allowing them to grow uncontrollably and develop into tumors earlier and more progressively than if they were not infected with ETBF," Pardoll says.
Sears and Pardoll believe that ETBF may collude with other types of normal bacteria in the gut to promote cancer.
The low recovery of ETBF in culture may be due to the length of time from specimen collection to processing in the laboratory (most specimens were kept frozen for at least 2 weeks before culturing).
In the IBD group, all the patients positive for ETBF had active disease, which suggests an association with disease activation or flare-up.