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EtBrEthidium Bromide
ETBREndothelin Type B Receptor
ETBREnd of Treatment Biochemical Response (gastroenterology)
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To assess the potential activity of the 13 compounds as efflux pump inhibitors, a real-time EtBr accumulation assay in a S.
Real-time PCR results showed that after 2 months of 50 ng/mL EtBr treatment to deplete mtDNA, the ratio of mtDNA to nuclear DNA in [p.
Antibiotics and EtBr were purchased from different sources, as follows: erythromycin, oxacillin, tetracycline and EtBr from Sigma-Aldrich (Madrid, Spain) and ciprofloxacin from Fluka Chemie GmbH (Buchs, Switzerland).
For the HCV amplicon, when EtBr was added, the peak height increased substantially and was accompanied by a slight increase in elution time.
EtBr stains DNA orange, which is mainly taken up by the cells when cell membrane integrity was lost.
The Polaroid Digital GelCam system allows users to customize their equipment to fit their needs -- offering packages that let the user choose a seven-inch or 11-inch hood, and either a 52mm 590nm EtBr filter or optional 52mm 535nm SYBR green filter.
Should include 590/50 nm Orange filter for EtBr, SYPRO Orange and