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ETFEEmpirical Transfer Function Estimate (mathematics)
ETFEEthylene/Tetrafluoroethylene Copolymer
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Fluon ETFE is a melt processable copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene and is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including wire and cable coatings; semiconductor and electronic components; valves, fittings and pump housings; and tubing and pipe.
The DN Series utilizes piezoelectric sensors embedded in an ETFE vane located downstream of a bluff to detect the generated vortices.
Historical data from the resin suppliers suggests a small loss of mechanical and optical properties over time for both FEP and ETFE (Fig.
The central oculus is a 6m-diameter ETFE inflatable 'pillow' that gives the appearance of being open to the elements.
ETFE can support 400 times its own weight and is just 1% the weight of glass, reducing the steelwork needed for the new fully-enclosed footbridge at Newport.
It uses a modern strong, corrosion resistant building material called ETFE in the form of welded cushions supported on a glue laminated timber grillage.
The design uses a modular and reusable steal frame, wrapped in translucent polycarbonate panels at grade and topped by inflated pillows of super-lightweight ETFE (Ethylene Tetraftuoroethylene).
The pump is lined with virgin PFA (without carbon or carbon fiber fillers), which has high chemical resistance, well above ETFE (Tefzel) and PVDF.
This horizontal, sealless ETFE lined centrifugal pump has a permanent magnet drive system and no mechanical seals.
The sustainable development has ETFE roof lights with inbuilt photovoltaic cells and is designed to maximise daylighting and feature solar power generation, energy efficient artificial illumination, eliminate night-time light pollution, making the buildings cheaper for Gazeley customers to operate and maintain.
ETFE is an extraordinarily thin, lightweight, and flexible self-cleaning polymer that, when used in air-filled cushions, is extremely strong (even when its resin is spun as thin as Saran Wrap) and has extraordinary energy saving, insulation, acoustic, light transmission, fire engineering, and structural behavior qualities.
Conceptually, the Water Cube is an insulated greenhouse made from a lightweight structure, based on the geometry of soap bubbles and clad in a space-age plastic material called ETFE.