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The next morning, when I looked out, I saw the hollow-backed bay between the Varnum spruces, and Ethan Frome, throwing back his worn bearskin, made room for me in the sleigh at his side.
It was that night that I found the clue to Ethan Frome, and began to put together this vision of his story.
Young Ethan Frome walked at a quick pace along the deserted street, past the bank and Michael Eady's new brick store and Lawyer Varnum's house with the two black Norway spruces at the gate.
Hitherto Ethan Frome had been content to think him a mean fellow; but now he positively invited a horse-whipping.
it seemed to Ethan that the art of definition could go no farther, and that words had at last been found to utter his secret soul.
Ethan had an idea that if she were to marry a man she was fond of the dormant instinct would wake, and her pies and biscuits become the pride of the county; but domesticity in the abstract did not interest her.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Grammy nominated audio and mix engineer, Ethan Willoughby, was killed in a car accident on Sunday, February 18th, as a result of being hit by a drunk driver.
Sam, 27, said: "We are so grateful Ethan is here with us.
INTRICATE: X-rays show how Ethan's spine was straightened using rods, right SMILES: Ethan in his "Teletubby" jacket cast WELL DONE: Ethan's mum Angela, above, organised a fun run to raise money for Scottish sick kids' hospitals SO BRAVE: Ethan has had to endure three operations WELL DONE: Ethan's mum Angela, above, organised a fun run to raise money for Scottish sick kids' hospitals
As Ethan, Jun Hee Lee is, as his early voice-over says, "just the right type" (with one eye to marketing, director Lee keeps actor Lee shirtless as much as possible); he's at his best when Ethan's threatened or furious.
But the staff at the hospital was just incredible in keeping me posted by phone on how Ethan was doing.
Ethan Allen's previously information-only Web site was relaunched earlier this year as a limited e-commerce venture, selling accents and accessories, with furniture to be added later.