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ETIEnte Teatrale Italiano (Italy)
ETIEmployment Trends Index (The Conference Board)
ETIEcole de Traduction et d’Interprétation (French: School of Translation and Interpretation, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
ETIEmergent Technologies Inc (Austin, TX)
ETIEconomically Targeted Investment
ETIEnsemble Transport Interface
ETIEnvironmental Technology Initiative
ETIElapsed Time Indicator
ETIElectrical Training Institute (of Southern California)
ETIEstimated Time to Invasion (game)
ETIEfficient Technology Inc (Redondo Beach, CA)
ETIEnterprise Theory of Investigation (RICO statute)
ETIEnhanced Training in Idaho
ETIestimated time of intercept (US DoD)
ETIEconomic Trends and Issues
ETIElektronika Telekomunikacja Informatyka (Polish: Electronics Telecommunications Informatics)
ETIEconomical and Technological Intelligence (5th European Framework Programme)
ETIEnergy Time Indicator
ETIEstudiants de Traducció i Interpretació (Translation & Interpreting Students; Students Union)
ETIEconomics & Technology Incorporated
ETIEagle Technologies Incorporated
ETIElectro-Therm International (Belgium)
ETIEnterprise Telephone Integration (CMA)
ETIEnterprise Transition & Implementation
ETIExtended Transaction Interface
ETIEast Texas Inspections (Grand Saline, TX real estate)
ETIEcho Therapeutics, Inc.
ETIExpert Technique International (French: International Technical Expert)
ETIEnergy Technologies Institute (UK)
ETIEffective Technology Integration (education)
ETIExpert Center for Taxonomic Identification
ETIEngineering Technical Information
ETIEarth Trance Interlude (band)
ETIEnzymatic Therapy, Inc. (Green Bay, WI)
ETIExtraterrestrial Intelligence
ETIEquator Technologies, Inc.
ETIEthical Trading Initiative (UK)
ETIEvolutionary Technologies International, Inc.
ETIEvolutionary Technology Insertion (military)
ETIExtraterritorial Income
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ETI and Nedbank Group established their strategic business alliance in 2008, with the aim of providing seamless banking services across the continent to each other s clients.
The deal, in which Oceanic Bank is to be taken over by ETI and merged with ETI subsidiary, Ecobank Nigeria, will save Oceanic Bank from being taken over by regulators.
In its new division, ETI will emphasize the technology and chemistry side of the ETI "alternative" to large converters.
ETI offers advanced technology products and services to government and commercial customers globally.
In January 2002, the WTO determined that the ETI regime also constituted a prohibited export subsidy.
When Mr Brown put this to the ETI chief David Clarke, he denied it and said the article was an example of inaccurate reporting - even though the story had been confirmed by the ETI Press office.
Earlier this year, after almost two years of work, the House and Senate adopted ETI replacement legislation that includes both international tax reforms and domestic manufacturing relief, and as well as a variety of other provisions.
DSLs enable ETI EXTRACT to generate native code for individual databases, meeting the critical industry need for the exchange of information between incompatible databases and applications.
provide a list of existing ETI programs, including investment details such as anticipated and historical rates of return;
Prior to making a public announcement that evidence of ETI has been detected, the discoverer should promptly inform all other observers or research organizations that are parties to this declaration.
Nedbank said, In 2011, Nedbank Limited, a member of the Nedbank Group, provided ETI a 285 million US dollar facility in support of Ecobank s corporate development programmes, including its acquisition of Oceanic Bank in Nigeria.
The deal, in which Oceanic Bank will take over ETIC, will save ETI from being taken over by regulators.