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ETICEngineering and Technology Industry Council
ETICEscola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação (Portugal)
ETICEnterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan (est. 2009)
ETICEnvironmental Teratology Information Center (database)
ETICEstimated Time for Completion (US DoD)
ETICEnvironmental Technology Industry Cluster
ETICElectric Transportation Industry Conference
ETICEast Turkestan Information Center
ETICEstimated Time In Commission
ETICEducation and Training Integration Directorate (Washington, DC)
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Gen etic variation and covariation for ewe reproduction lamb growth and lamb scrotal circumference in a fall-lambing sheep flock.
Ernie and etic perspectives, while being theoretically rather than methodologically defined, have traditionally been associated with qualitative and quantitative methods respectively (Morris et al.
At the same time, however, an etic perspective could promote a colonization of Christian communities by scientific value systems.
Las firmas de contabilidad se estan alejando de las auditorias y tramites tradicionales mediante el programa de auditoria basado en Web y la ETIC.
The Altemeyer and Hunsberger (1992) Religious Fundamentalism Scale uses an etic perspective to operationalize unwavering commitments to the texts that define foundational meaning within traditional religious communities.
Ello alimenta una doble reflexividad, que oscilando entre papeles emic y etic, entre perspectivas de actor-activista y de observador-acompanante, continuamente desafia las conceptualizaciones y "teorias implicitas" de ambos tipos de participantes.
of France, AOS of Germany and Prague's Etic, the series will shoot entirely in the Czech Republic.
group workforce, by the end of March 2013, ETIC said.
The ETIC also wants shares in JAL taken off the stock market so that investors share the burden of the company's troubles, the Nikkei business daily and other media reported.
The ETIC has proposed putting about 300 billion yen in fresh capital into JAL, provided it file for bankruptcy and creditors agree to waive around 350 billion yen in debts, sources told Reuters earlier this week.
Le lecteur voulant comprendre la genese et l'usage des termes emic vs etic largement employes en anthropologie, mais peu connus en sante publique, pourront lire le chapitre trois.
Both etic and emic approaches have been adopted in exploring "Chinese values" and the ongoing value shifts in Chinese society.