ETRPAEl Toro Reuse Planning Authority (California)
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If the ETRPA board approves the concept of adding the County to ETRPA's board of directors, the County Board of Supervisors would then vote on whether to join.
After nine years of struggle, ETRPA officials hailed the Navy ROD, as the final end to the El Toro debate.
Despite the warnings issued today, ETRPA said the FAA report makes it clear that airport critics are right -- El Toro doesn't work from an operational, feasibility and safety perspective.
In this case, the county has admitted it has already decided to proceed with an airport, and to then use the EIR later as an after-the-fact justification for why it did," ETRPA attorney Richard Jacobs said.
ETRPA claims the EIR fails to analyze a reasonable range of alternatives including the highly probable alternative of no airport at El Toro, constrained activity at Los Angeles International Airport and appropriate service levels in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles counties, where most of the region's growth will occur.
ETRPA believes that if the goal is to have Orange County handle its own domestic travel demand, then the newly expanded John Wayne Airport can easily do that with no physical expansion and probably little to no increase in passengers beyond the 8.
Allan Songstad, newly elected chairman of ETRPA stated: "More than two thirds of the voters believe an airport at El Toro is unneeded, unwanted and unsafe.
In a letter to Brian Speegle, asking for recirculation of the Draft EIR 573, ETRPA stated: "Had these documents been released when requested, rather than illegally withheld by the County, they would have been available for public use in preparing comments on the Draft EIR 573.
This ad demonstrates that there is no line ETRPA won't cross in their attempt to subvert support for the airport.
In addition, ETRPA submitted new analyses and modeling to substantiate the organization's claim that the county has seriously underestimated negative impacts and overestimated demand for the proposed airport at El Toro.
WHAT: Television commercial refuting ETRPA ad of a 1965 crash of a military aircraft WHERE: Arnel & Affiliates 949 South Coast Dr.