ETSBEastern Townships School Board (Canada)
ETSBEmergency Telephone System Board
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Since 1992, just two years after the ETSB introduction and about the time the college began initial pursuit of AACSB accreditation, the Monfort College has required every bachelors graduate in Business Administration to complete the ETSB assessment.
Not long after the hiring of a permanent faculty member to teach this content area, ETSB scores in the legal and social environment content area improved and stabilized.
Obviously the college likes to see results showing its students are among the best taking the exam, but perhaps more importantly, because the results are used to make operational changes, it is important for ETSB scores to reflect actual student learning and not the fiat of a disingenuous effort.
While the examples cited do illustrate attempts to use ETSB results for continuous improvement, there is a more comprehensive approach that this study will attempt to develop.
The principal interests of the investigators/researchers are twofold: (1) Examine the relationship between ETSB results and an individual's college-level academic measures and pre-college performance measures and (2) Determine the influence of post high school academic performance and college major on ETSB results after removing the influence of a student's pre-college academic measures.
Of course business schools could use these results and improve their ETSB results by simply increasing entrance standards.
2011) develop a model they argue shows that ETSB outcomes are highly predictable--in sample and for one particular university.
The ETSB, first administered in 1990, evaluates the student's knowledge of core business topics typically taught in business core courses.
The increase in the use of the ETSB over this period is at least in part a result of AACSB's push for assurance of learning and direct measures of that learning.
Standardized tests such as the ETSB represent one way of attempting to measure the outcomes of business programs by measuring actual student learning.
The sample represents all students who entered the university as freshman, complete high school academic and ACT measures, completed all core requirements at the University of Northern Colorado, and completed the ETSB and graduated during the period 2007 to 2011.
The ETSB assesses knowledge of the core areas in Business Administration.