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ETTEmergency Trauma Technician (Alaska)
ETTEmpresa de Trabajo Temporal (Spain)
ETTEuropean Transactions on Telecommunications
ETTEmbedded Training Team
ETTExercise Tolerance Test (cardiology)
ETTExercise Treadmill Test
ETTEmployment Training Tax (California)
ETTEnglish Toy Terrier (dog breed)
ETTElectric Transmission Texas, LLC (Austin, TX)
ETTEndo Tracheal Tube
ETTExpected Transmission Time
ETTEmployee Timetable
ETTEducation Technology and Training (IEEE Workshop)
ETTEngineering Training Team
ETTEvacuated Tube Transport
ETTEstimated Travel Time
ETTExtra Travel Tunnel (Arctic Cat snowmobiles)
ETTEducational Telecommunications and Technology
ETTEuropean Transactions on Communications (IEEE Communications Society)
ETTEpitheloid Trophoblastic Tumor
ETTEffluent Toxicity Testing
ETTEnvironmental Training & Transfer GmbH
ETTEKMS Transition Team
ETTEnvironmental Technology Team
ETTExpected Test Time
ETTExtract, Transformation, Transport
ETTEnhanced Tradespace Tool
ETTEstimated Terrestrial Transmissions (cache management algorithm)
ETTEstimated Test Time
ETTEnglish Tea Time
eTTEffectively Tested Dram (full specification parts, fully tested and unmarked)
ETTElevated Temperature Testing
ETTEuropean Turley Telecommunication (Europe)
ETTEquity Transfer Trust (Canada)
ETTEntreprise de Travail Temporaire (French: Temporary Employment Agency)
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Councillor MacLaren, member for Paisley Northwest, said that the ETT, which is based in St Ninian's Church Hall, Ferguslie, is an example of a volunteer-friendly organisation.
Patients with previous history of revascularization, whether primary or elective PCI or Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) and patients having any contraindication to ETT were excluded.
With the current market shift, it is important to consider all of the compression options available when constructing or making changes to facilities," said David Coker, vice president, ETT Dual Drive.
1,4,6,7,8) According to Palmer et al, ETT presents with elevated beta HCG levels, but usually less than 2500.
CEO of the Tunisian Television Rached Younes said ETT has become, after the revolution, "a wholly public service, by freeing itself from links with the authorities in power and political parties.
The primary predisposing factor for ETT is a genetic defect in thyroid organogenesis.
Results: The study revealed that frequency of positive ETT for silent myocardial ischemia in uncomplicated asymptomatic type 2 diabetic patients was 35.
Fortunately cases of DTTI can be managed successfully if smaller-size tubes are used or a malleable guide is introduced into the ETT prior to its insertion through the glottic opening.
Conclusion: ETT softened by warm water facilitated BNTIwith reduced frequency and severity of observed complications like epistaxis, bronchospasm, laryngospasm, painful nose and post-operative sore throat.
To search for evidence on the methods to verify ETT placement in adult mechanically ventilated patients.
Having a US machine readily available in our NICU, we considered it appropriate to optimise available resources in order to expedite service delivery efficiently with a quicker examination that clinicians could do themselves, with real-time alterations and confirmation of ETT positioning.
Size of the tube used (quantitative data) repositioning of the tube conversion to ETT access of the surgical field laryngospasm cough desaturation (SPO below 92%) and vomiting were research variables.