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ETTAEnglish Table Tennis Association
ETTAEast Timor Transitional Administration
ETTAEast Texas Tourism Association (Longview)
ETTAEducation, Training and Technical Assistance (North Carolina Department of Labor; Raleigh, NC)
ETTAEvangelical Teacher Training Association
ETTAEvangeline Trail Tourism Association (Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Miss Etta Todd is one of our deep-souled New Yorkers, and comes into an income of nearly twelve hundred million dollars.
She was unnaturally pale, and her head was bundled in her borrowed plebeian shawl; but I am certain it was Etta Todd, the millionaire's daughter.
This match is made all the more strange and intriguing when Margie sees something in Etta's homespun paintings of tomatoes and convinces Etta to learn how to paint human figures.
Osama Amara, secretary general of the ETTA, said there is coordination between the association and the EFTC to participate in such large exhibitions.
When my wife and I arrived at the hatchery on a Tuesday morning, Marie and Etta greeted us with a warm Midwest welcome.
com/YahooMovies/status/902184606174248960) The scene, titled "Etta's Mission," showed Etta and the boys talking about a "very old, very powerful" artifact that needs to be delivered to the Americans.
Fred and Etta were both blinded in childhood - Etta from a traffic accident when she was six, Fred from a double detached retina when he was 14.
The Etta Foam cuts easily with a pocketknife, but is a little too thick for a box cutter.
Now the Ironwoods are searching for a stolen object of untold value, one they believe only Etta, his passenger, can find.
As the story begins, Etta finds her mother, Rose, hard to connect with at best.
Etta will touch on how Forward Ladies came about and - after taking a back seat last year becoming an ambassador for the organisation - how she has gone on to become a motivational speaker and trainer.
Business commitments, including plans to take tourists into space, didn't stop him helping out with Etta and her twin brother, Artie.