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ETUElementary Time Unit (SIM card timing unit)
ETUEmergency Task Unit (various locations)
ETUEmergency Tactical Unit
ETUExpeditionary Training Unit
ETUExpress Treatment Unit (medical)
ETUEstimated Time of Upgrade
ETUEnvironmental Test Unit
ETUEthylene Thiourea (pesticide & fungicide)
ETUEarly Training Unit
ETUSaint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (Russia)
ETUExpect the Unexpected (movie)
ETUEuropean Taekwondo Union
ETUEngine Tune Up
ETUEmbrace the Unknown (band)
ETUEthernet Termination Unit
ETUEducational Technology Unit
ETUElectrical Trades Union
ETUEngineering Test Unit
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The aggregate data from the Lofa County Health Office and case-based data from the Foya ETU describe a peak of reported cases and new admissions respectively in the week ending August 16 followed by a decline in subsequent weeks.
Drilling on the ETU #14-7 has commenced and surface pipe has been set with an expected TD of 4,750 feet and is also targeting the Mississippi Lime interval.
Counties will need ongoing technical assistance to improve triage processes at all county health care facilities so that patients presenting for care whose illnesses meet suspected or probable Ebola case definitions are correctly identified, while also minimizing ETU referrals for patients whose illnesses do not meet suspected or probable Ebola case definitions.
From August 1 to September 23, three patients were sent to the ETU with suspected Ebola following this screening protocol; one of the three had confirmed Ebola.
On July 26, 2014, Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare was informed of a laboratory-confirmed case of Ebola in an HCW at an ETU located adjacent to a general hospital (hospital A) in Monrovia, Liberia; in the following 24 hours CDC was informed of two additional HCW cases at the same ETU.
The location of the ETU #17-6 is two locations west and one location north of the ETU #14-5 well.
The ETU #14-5 and #15-4 are part of a planned 10 vertical well program to develop the Mississippi Lime formation.
His CD4 cell count 4 months before admission to the ETU was 459/[micro]L on April 24, 2014.
ETU discharge certificates were used as enrollment criteria; not all survivors with ETU certificates were in the survivor registry.
Elite Athletes - Men Tom Bishop - Member of the GB Triathlon Team that won mixed relay old at this year's ETU European Championships, in Lisbon.
The two patients released from the Paynesville ETU are the father and younger brother of the presumed index case, a 15-year-old boy named Nathan Gbotoe from a suburb of the capital Monrovia who died from the disease last week.