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ETUCEuropean Trade Union Confederation (est. 1973)
ETUCEducation Trade Union of Croatia (est. 1995)
ETUCEdinburgh Trades Union Council (UK)
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The ETUC represents 85 labor organizations from 36 countries totaling some 60 million members.
To illustrate its point, the ETUC mentions the case of the German Alliance for Work and Environment, which has provided strong evidence of the net return on investment in energy efficiency and renovation programmes.
However, ETUC is not opposed in principle to policies leading to sound accounts.
ETUC further calls for sustainable and affordable public transport as well as an EU directive on sustainable mobility.
The A and the E evoke ancient Greece, a reference to the origin of the word Europe' and the dynamic image of trade unionism is also maintained," the ETUC said in a PR.
The ETUC also stresses the importance of setting a long-term objective for emissions from passenger cars and declares that it supports the Industry Committee's proposal for a target of 95 g of CO2/km by 2020.
CEEP and ETUC consider that it is high time, as international negotiations on climate change are taking place, for the EU to define the steps to be taken.
This European day, explains the ETUC, is meant to urge leaders to "demonstrate their determination to get to grips with the deterioration in employment and to respond to the growing social anxiety felt by Europe's citizens.
ETUC Confederal Secretary Joel Decaillon recommends "the creation of a European low-carbon economy adaptation fund to accompany the transitions imposed on workers squeezed out of the workplace due to climate change measures".
The ETUC argues that measures imposed by the troika "are both ineffective and counter-productive.
In a statement, the ETUC concedes that "admittedly, urgent measures have been taken to relieve the pressure on Spanish and Italian debt - the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) will support the banks to ease the pressure on sovereign debt.
We need to concentrate on growth," commented ETUC General Secretary Bernadette Segol.