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Achieving this goal will require close working with the staff and partners of ETUI to
A la cooperative d'Inukjuaq par exemple, Annie a choisi l'etalage des accessoires de chasse et peche pour exposer son etui pour canne a peche, privilegiant une association de fonctions ; alors que Lyndsay et Annie-Dow ont choisi l'etalage des pains pour leur sac a bannick, operant plutot une association de typologies (un type de nourriture).
The interior," Benjamin continues, "is not only the universe but also the etui [ornamental case] of the private person.
Prieto (eds), Collective Bargaining and the Social Construction of Employment, ETUI, Brussels, 55-76.
Comme elle fut longtemps avant de trouver son etui, son pere s'impatienta; elle ne repondit rien; mais, tout en cousant, elle se piquait les doigts, qu'elle portait ensuite a sa bouche pour les sucer.
Centralized bargaining arrangements have re-emerged (or, in some cases, emerged for the first time) in countries as diverse as Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Norway (see ETUI 1996; EC 1996; Fajertag and Pochet 1997).
ETUI (European Trade Union Institute), (1980), The Impact of Microelectronics on Employment in Western Europe in the 1980s, ETUI, Brussels.
L ' Etui de nacre ( The Mother - of - Pearl Box, 1892).
To work with ETUI to bring three online courses from concept to delivery, and to support the review and improvement of two existing online courses.
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New Forms of Employment and Working Time in the Service Economy, ETUI Repport, 81.