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ETVEnvironmental Technology Verification (US EPA program)
ETVEndoscopic Third Ventriculostomy
ETVEnhanced Television
ETVEthiopian Television
ETVExchange-Traded Fund (investment)
ETVEmergency Towing Vessel (Aka Tug)
ETVETS Variant
ETVElectroTechnische Vereeniging (Delft University of Technology association for students of electrical engineering )
ETVEnteraction TV (UK)
ETVElectric Track Vehicle
ETVEmergency Towing Vehicle
ETVExposure Time Variance
ETVElectrothermal Vaporization
ETVEesti Televisioon (Tallinn, Estonia)
ETVEducation and Training Voucher
ETVEenadu Television (India)
ETVEducational Television
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A 13-member ETV crew will cover the event and telecast the show the following day.
With effect from May 1, the FSA has revised the assumptions financial advisers must use when assessing an ETV offer on behalf of clients.
ETV Kannada and ETV Marathi are downlinked at RRsats' main teleport in Emek HaEla from Insat 4a satellite.
It is once in a lifetime opportunity for a company to take over national DVB-T2 headenddesign and commissioning, and we are very happy that our customer, ETV,is satisfied with work that we performed in this project", said Miodrag Radulovic, general manager of Comutel.
at ETV questionnaire) are considered to be attributed to the measure's relative stability.
Engineers mounted the ETV on an index table, which indexes the axles to four probing stations.
In addition, the Irish Coastguard has been invited to attend a meeting of the Anglo-French Accident Technical Group later in May, at which ETV sharing is to be discussed,'' he said.
There are SHS systems with one ETV (serving three levels), as provided for Servisair in Stansted, there are also systems with 5 (4+1) ETVs in two aisles of 280 metres (110 metres) as in a system that has been installed in Luxembourg.
This ETV system is capable of moving and storing over 200 M-1 containers stacked three high and four lanes deep, and is serviced by a moving ETV of over 20 feet in width and rated at 30,000 pounds capacity.
The highlight was that participants were able to run their ETV applications across a record number of 12 user agents.
The Project is implemented by ETV jointly with the Ministry of Trade and