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ETXEnd of Text
ETXEnd of Transmission
ETXEclipse Technology Exchange (workshop)
ETXEmbedded Technology Extended (standard for embedded PC modules)
ETXExpected Number of Transmissions (metric)
ETXEnd Transmission Text
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The ETX of a link is the expected number of data transmissions requiring to send a data packet over that link, including retransmissions.
Clients of Shelbourne Markets that transfer will receive an ETX Capital Traderpro account which is the firm's premium platform.
With the addition of Shelbourne Markets' customers to its client base, ETX Capital, which already has a substantial presence in Ireland, is trying to fulfill its goal to convert into "the largest" financial spread-betting and CFD provider in Ireland, it said.
albimanus con los IAC produjo una toxicidad variable siendo ETX el que mostro mayor toxicidad y mortalidad.
For example, a lengthy section describes the use of the compass "eyepiece" to orient the ETX to its home position (level, and pointed north).
Noryl ETX potentially carries BMCs in some exciting directions," Cafora declares, citing automotive valve covers (currently in vinyl ester BMC), air-intake manifolds (mostly in reinforced nylon 66), and oil pans (mostly metal).
com/, or they may visit the box office at any AMC IMAX or ETX location.
ETX owns aftermarket transmission replacement parts, torque converters and complete transmissions supplier Dacco Inc, Alma Products, a producer of torque converters and air conditioning compressors, and OE air conditioning, cooling and power steering assemblies and components manufacturer ATCO Products Inc.
In the MRFR protocol, ETX [11] is used as a link quality estimator of MANETs.
would announce at the show a new conductive BMC material for fuel-cell plates based on GE's brand-new PPO-based thermoset called Noryl ETX.
AMC Theatres, a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company, recently launched the ETX Challenge at AMC Downtown Disney 24 - a money-back guarantee for guests who watch a movie in AMC's innovative Enhanced Theatre Experience (ETX) premium format.
Our algorithm starts from an arbitrary least ETX tree, and iteratively adjusts the hierarchy of the tree to reduce the load on bottleneck nodes.