EU1European 1 Department (International Monetary Fund)
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Net interest income totalled EU1,812 million in 2017 (2016: EU1,648 million).
EU1 isolated from human babesiosis patients from Italy and Austria (GenBank accession no.
EU1 has been described (4), we captured 18 roe deer, then collected and analyzed blood samples from them.
In 2003, TPI expects the number of mega deals to grow again, and the company says it is already advising on eight separate deals worth more than EU1 billion each.
Babesia species EU1 merits increased attention as a potential agent of emerging tickborne disease in humans because its suspected vector, L ricinus, is the most prevalent and widely distributed tick in Europe and frequently bites humans.
5 million in cash from operations and disbursed EU1 million for the repurchase of shares, representing 2% of issued capital.
We describe cervids as potential reservoir hosts of Babesia EU1 and B.
The EBRD is providing a financing package of EU9 million, which will consist of the Bank's long-term loan of up to EU6 million, a EU1.
Following the precedent we previously established for reports of newly characterized organisms in the United States, we refer here to this organism from Europe as EU1 (for "European Union 1").
Foreign exchange effects in the first quarter 2010 resulted in a positive impact of EU1.
Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI) showed a profit of EU612 million ($850 million) or 65 eurocents (90 cents) per share during the first quarter of 2010, which was a sharp contrast to a loss of EU1.