EU1European 1 Department (International Monetary Fund)
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In 2003, TPI expects the number of mega deals to grow again, and the company says it is already advising on eight separate deals worth more than EU1 billion each.
The distinction was based on analysis of the complete babesial 18S rRNA gene, which also showed that EU1 is most closely related to B.
EU1 is transmitted by Ixodes ricinus ticks (8), which are widespread in cool humid areas of Europe.
The company has announced it has received binding offers from Unilever for its Body Care business for EU1.
EU1 has been described (4), we captured 18 roe deer, then collected and analyzed blood samples from them.
Babesia species EU1 merits increased attention as a potential agent of emerging tickborne disease in humans because its suspected vector, L ricinus, is the most prevalent and widely distributed tick in Europe and frequently bites humans.
The phylogenetic analysis (Figure 1) indicates that EU1 is most closely related to but distinct from B.
6 billion - average exchange rate at December 31, 2009: EU1 = US$1.
Revenue of EU1,318 million, of which EU632 million in Subsea
47 2 Operating expenses include one off restructuring charges of EU1.