EUBEnergy and Utilities Board (Alberta, Canada)
EUBEvangelical United Brethren (church)
EUBElectric Upright Bass
EUBEU–Büro (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung; German ministry of Science)
EUBEuropean Union Bank
EUBEssential User Bypass
EUBEnd-User Building
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148) See Alberta Energy and Utilities Board & Government of Canada, Report of the EUB-CEAA Joint Review Panel, Cheviot Coal Project, Mountain Park Area, Alberta: EUB Applications No.
11) EUB y los "procesados demostraban que formaban parte de la elite criolla y eran personas 'acostumbradas a la decencia, y a la abundancia' que ahora se veian sometidos a 'morir de hambre o de las enfermedades, porque los seis reales diarios que les daban no alcanzaban' ni para comer un mal cocido cada veinte y cuatro horas.
The LER would reside at the EUB and that would be very hard to manage.
Using the pipeline generation system EGene, the sequences were filtered by quality using phred values, masked against primers EUB r1387 and EUB f933 and vector sequences (pCR2.
Surmount SAGD Pilot Performance Presentation to the EUB," Canada May 18, 2004.
After learning about events at a hearing in Rimbey, Alberta, the Commissioner investigated whether the EUB had collected, used, or disclosed personal information in contravention of the FOIPPA (see: Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner, "Report on Investigation Regarding Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information and Protection of Information", September 10, 2007, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, Investigation Report F2007-IR-005 (Investigation Report)).
Thieves sneaked into a house on Tanfield Road in Birkby through an unlocked door to take the keys to a blue Renault Clio, number T791 EUB.
O'Malley provides a summary of both theological and historical background to what became the EUB Church in an introductory chapter before turning to the twentieth-century missionary impulse of a newly united Evangelical Church and the United Brethren in Christ after World War II.
When the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged with the much larger Methodist Church in 1968, over a century of significant EUB mission history was in danger of being lost.
He worked as a minister in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Idaho, Washington and Oregon with the EUB and United Methodist churches.
The mid-1960s merger of the EUB with the Methodist Church had created the new United Methodist Church (UMC), but "united" was more a structural description than an accurate relational one.