EUBEnergy and Utilities Board (Alberta, Canada)
EUBEvangelical United Brethren (church)
EUBElectric Upright Bass
EUBEU–Büro (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung; German ministry of Science)
EUBEuropean Union Bank
EUBEssential User Bypass
EUBEnd-User Building
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The LER would reside at the EUB and that would be very hard to manage.
Oil and gas wells and pipelines are not exempted from this part of the Act; nor are there any provisions giving precedence to EUB approvals.
While I was in seminary the Board of Missions of the EUB Church was so reluctant to give me any encouragement about my great desire to go to Nigeria that I asked Harr to inquire about their lack of action.
The good news for First Nations is that the alleged infringement of an Aboriginal right (such as hunting or trapping on unoccupied Crown lands) is sufficient to give the First Nation standing in front of the EUB and presumably other provincial regulatory bodies.
Besides needing to fulfill these conservation purposes, the EUB has a general mandate to promote the "public interest," but this broad standard hardly puts flesh on the bones of a provincial "energy policy" that needs to grapple with the questions raised above.
The interim tolls, approved by the EUB in December 2004, will remain in effect until final tolls are established following the Phase II proceeding of the Alberta System's 2005 GRA.
The EUB and other regulators must also consider whether it is necessary to impose region-wide limits on those developments in order to avoid exceeding thresholds for unacceptable cumulative effects.
In the Palliser area, an application has been approved by the EUB for a 45 mmcf/d pipeline system (Talisman 100%), which will deliver gas into the Duke Grizzly system.
This pool was shut-in on March 1, 2007 in order to allow water injection to re-pressurize the reservoir above the EUB assigned minimum operating pressure or "MOP".
Applications were made, and in April 2000, the EUB held a pre-hearing meeting to determine what issues they would consider at a full hearing and who might receive intervenor status.
On June 7, 2005, the EUB granted approval of a negotiated settlement for the Alberta System's 2005-2007 Revenue Requirement.
The EUB released a directive for commingling on October 31, 2006 that allows for concurrent production of Belly River and Edmonton/Horseshoe Canyon Coals as a single procedure, following minimal application.