EUCAEuropean Union Control Association (science and technology initiatives; est. 1990)
EUCAEngineering & Utility Contractors Association
EUCAExtended Unemployment Compensation Act (various years)
EUCAEuropean University College Association (Brussels, Belgium)
EUCAEnd User Computer Application
EUCAExclusive Use Common Area (homeowners; California)
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Other employers who use this technology are expected to sign on to the agreement in the near future EUCA is facilitating the agreement and administering it jointly with LIUNA's Construction Department.
Employers want training that is portable and mobile," says EUCA CEO Mark Breslin "And the partnership between LIUNA and a progressive, responsible company like Michels allows for workers and management to both prosper and meet the needs of the industry.
If an individual does not meet all the above requirements, the EUCA changes do not apply and making current year estimated tax payments at least equal to the preceding year's tax will continue to prevent an underpayment penalty.
Because Spencer's 1992 MAGI exceeds her 1991 AGI by more than $40,000, her AGI for the current year exceeds 75,000 and she made estimated payments in at least one of the last three years, EUCA changes apply.
EUCA said both sets of figures reflected rising retail prices, noting that consumers were paying, on average, DM2 more per pound at the end of the year than at the start.
Austrian consumption fell significantly in 1994, although EUCA notes that pre-1994 data was bloated by coffee that was illegally exported into eastern Europe.
Both CECA and EUCA have set up a joint body, named A.
Producers, food processors, consultants, traders, representatives of scientific institutions, action groups and certifying organizations involved but also observers from national and international coffee and tea associations and organizations like ICO and EUCA as well as from companies participated.
He was also the founding president of EUCA (European Union of Coffee Associations) in 1967 and served as president for the years 1967-1971 and 1973-75.
Rotzell, president of EUCA and Kaffee Verband, whose organization sponsored the event together with tremendous financial support from many coffee companies: R.
While the Coffee Congress serves as the official gathering for the European Coffee Federation (ECF), featuring the annual meetings of CECA and EUCA (respectively the European trade and industry associations that together form the ECF), the Berlin Congress is also being specifically created to appeal to a worldwide coffee audience.