EUHEmory University Hospital (Atlanta, GA)
EUHElectric Unit Heater
EUHErica Underwood House (Australia)
EUHErase Unit Header (computing)
EUHElectronic Utility Helicopter (US DoD)
EUHErosive Ulcerative Hemorrhage (burn disease)
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Once the tower opens, the EUH services currently on 4A, 4B, 5A, and 5B will relocate to newly renovated space in the existing EUH building, and these areas will no longer be used as patient rooms.
The reality, as Yu points out, is that even risk-averse individuals purchase lottery tickets, and so EUH does not provide a reliable estimate of real output.
We can use the EUH to clear up confusion about subjective and objective probability in experiments on expectation analysis.
For workers who have a choice of plans, the HMO enrollment decision is based on the expected utility from this enrollment, EUH.