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However, Euler Hermes estimates that there is still an additional $58 billion possible in U.
5 million for the project which will extend the life of the bridge by an estimated 25 to 30 years, according to Euler.
To avoid the computational instability in the numerical solution of inviscid Euler equations, we use a third-order upwind scheme for the convection term, while all the other spatial derivatives are discretized by the central difference of second-order accuracy.
Both companies said their exposure to Greece was very limited, with Euler Hermes saying German exports to Greece had already fallen sharply and that the country was the destination for just 0.
The partnership allows Al Hilal Bank's Abu Dhabi customers access to a range of trade credit insurance solutions for business-to-business trade receivables offered by Euler Hermes.
Our collaboration with Euler Hermes positions us to deliver the best credit insurance solutions to our clients and will enable us to secure a stronger position in the highly competitive takaful market," said Amer Daya, CEO, Al Hilal Takaful.
Our aim is to rely on our extensive knowledge of the region in order to broaden our reach and provide coverage to the entire market, offering businesses flexible credit insurance solutions that are tailored to fit different sectors and help promote the respective ambitions of our clients," added Mahan Bolourchi, CEO, Euler Hermes GCC.
aOur global objective is to grow and protect our clients in their domestic and export markets,a Ludovic Senecaut, CEO of Euler Hermes Northern Europe Region, said in a statement.
A third of the amount would decrease the effects of the Euro, the Euler Hermes economists consider sustainable.
Euler Hermes also cited the ongoing of the diversification of the GCC economies and business partners.
A trade deal could also help revive European economies like Spain, Greece, and Italy, with Euler Hermes projecting a 0.