EULEXEuropean Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (est. 2007)
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Although the EU has been part of the UN Kosovo mission since the beginning of the crisis, EULEX has been playing the main role for the peace operation in Kosovo on the EU's behalf since 2008.
The European Union Planning Team Kosovo, established in April 2006, assumed the task of making preparations for the EULEX mission (Official Journal of the EU, 2006).
EULEX will also keep mentoring and advising local rule of law institutions until it fully hands over these tasks to local actors or other EU instruments in June 2016.
The situation begs two questions: Why is Kosovo not making progress on improving its capacity to handle these high profile cases, and what if any role should EULEX continue to play?
He said EULEX needed to remain in Kosovo, to keep the peace and promote understanding between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.
The mandate for EULEX mission is the largest EU civilian crisis management so far.
Serbia's cooperation with international partners since at least 2009 has helped lead to multiple drug seizures, several indictments, asset seizures, and new court proceedings against powerful Serbian cocaine traffickers like Darko Saric, although more effective cooperation with Kosovo and EULEX is needed.
Escorted by three EULEX jeeps, the aid, along with an Orthodox Church icon from Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, was handed over to the Serb Red Cross in the town of Zvecan.
Delegations from the Polish KFOR and EULEX contingents, representatives of the Polish community in Macedonia, friends and supporters of the Polish-Macedonian friendship and cooperation were present as well.
I demand KFOR and EULEX (the EU mission in Kosovo) to restrain from the use of force," Tadic told the agency, adding that local Serb "citizens must not undertake violent reactions at any price.
We believe that the only way to resolve disagreements is dialogue and call on the parties to cooperate with KFOR and EULEX.
According to a statement by EU rule-of-law mission EULEX, the prosecution was represented by a EULEX prosecutor from the Peja region who acted under the delegated authority of the Kosovo special prosecutor's office.