EULEXEuropean Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (est. 2007)
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The Ahtisaari Plan or the The Ahtisaari package as it otherwise known, defined a 120-day transition period, during which it was envisaged that (International Crisis Group, 2008: 1): the Kosovo government should prepare the legal framework, which was needed for governing; temporary administration of UNMIK to pass into the hands of the Government; Rule of Law Mission of the European Union, EULEX, to be settled in order to provide support, mainly in the field of security and governance throughout Kosovo with a riot police force; The International Civilian Representative to begin monitoring the implementation of the Ahtisaari plan.
Paul Acda, EULEX official, interviewed by the author, Pristina, Kosovo, 18 April 2009.
EULEX will also keep mentoring and advising local rule of law institutions until it fully hands over these tasks to local actors or other EU instruments in June 2016.
The situation begs two questions: Why is Kosovo not making progress on improving its capacity to handle these high profile cases, and what if any role should EULEX continue to play?
He said EULEX needed to remain in Kosovo, to keep the peace and promote understanding between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.
NATO forces are still present in the country and the EU mission, EULEX, continues to have a say in judicial issues.
The KBP patrol all border crossing points, except two entry points in northern Kosovo, which are staffed by EULEX and the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR).
Furthermore, the judiciary and police also remained under the control of UNMIK; and since the unilateral declaration of independence, the ICR and EULEX have claimed both a supervisory and operational role in the judiciary and the police.
In this regard the EU member states expressed the view that the EULEX Mission in Kosovo was part of this commitment.
The Interior Ministry signed a law enforcement cooperation agreement with the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) in 2009, and the Customs Service cooperates informally with EULEX.
Delegations from the Polish KFOR and EULEX contingents, representatives of the Polish community in Macedonia, friends and supporters of the Polish-Macedonian friendship and cooperation were present as well.
I demand KFOR and EULEX (the EU mission in Kosovo) to restrain from the use of force," Tadic told the agency, adding that local Serb "citizens must not undertake violent reactions at any price.