EUNAEditorial Universidad Nacional (Spanish: National Editorial University; Costa Rica)
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EUNA Sports have also confirmed that they expect to make another bid to bring top-flight ice hockey to Hillheads next season.
We are determined to bring BNL standard or equivalent to Whitley Bay," added a EUNA spokesman.
EUNA Sports presentation will be headed by Jacques Noel from Switzerland and he would be the club's new general manager.
Should we get the go-ahead plans are at an advanced stage to setting up a team," said a EUNA Sports spokesman.
Although the identity of the new director of coaching will not be revealed until after a bid proves successful, EUNA Sport were confident his announcement will show the intentions of the Blackhawks to make an impact on the league.
Meanwhile, EUNA Sport have also confirmed the eight imports that will form the basis of the new team have been selected and are ready to take up their new positions.
The Whitley application is still very much under consideration," confirmed a EUNA Sport spokesman, "but we don't expect to hear an answer from the league until next week at the earliest.