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EUNETEuropean Unix Network
EUNETEuropean Network for Education and Training eV (EU program; Bonn, Germany)
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If you're traveling primarily in North America and Europe, there's EUnet Traveller or an account with an ISP like CompuServe.
It has a 40 percent equity stake in EUnet Germany, the largest Internet access provider in that country, and in 1995 it purchased Unipalm PLC, the leading Internet provider in Europe.
He has extensive relationships with experts and advisors in the region and has led or co-led investments in fourteen companies, including MACH, Aircom International, CAMS, Bookham Technology, Cordena Call Management, Cybercity, EUnet International, Jazztel and Tertio.
Contract award: subject of the contract is "development of the system eunet project" improved coordination and monitoring systems in the performance of the obligations arising from eu membership ", performed with the grant of the operational programme" administrative capacity ", co-financed by the european union through the european social fund ", which includes:
Apart from Catch Communications, the group comprises BlueCom, EUnet and IDComnet.
A new 128Kbps satellite link between Tehran and Milan was installed by EUNet in late 1997 and plans have been made to upgrade the link to 2Mbps.
In Finland, the Group offers Internet and telecommunications services for consumer customers and small companies under the brand name Saunalahti and for large and medium-sized companies under the brand name EUnet Finland.
After two requests (several months apart) from AUI, only one European service provider, the EUnet Group, had responded.
Established in 1985, Four Seasons has completed over 50 investments and 30 successful exits including Agresso, EUnet, Provida and Stepstone.
Network users have UUCP access to EuNet in France [8].
Ortiz has put together a management team with over 100 years of combined telecoms and networking experience with pioneering technology businesses including Qwest, Carrier One, Lucent, EUnet, AT&T UK, Compuserve, Worldcom, IBM, MediaOne and GTS Europe.
not gated between data formats) courtesy of RIPE and EUnet.