EUNISEuropean Union Nature Information System
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NASA's NuSTAR satellite, which normally looks for X-rays radiating from far-flung black holes and exploding stars, corroborates the EUNIS results.
Caption: The EUNIS rocket split ultraviolet light from a region (white boxes and line) of the sun into its component wavelengths (left, right), which revealed emissions from highly ionized atoms in 10-million-degree-Celsius plasma.
The agreement between SCT and EUNIS was signed on October 12 in Nashville, Tennessee, at the EDUCAUSE 2000 information technology conference for higher education.
Through national associations, the EUNIS distribution network is open to individuals responsible for the management and development of information systems at their institutions.
Mathew Boice, EMEA marketing manager at SCT, will serve as EUNIS representative for the company.
We look forward to our association with EUNIS," said Rod Everhart, president of SCT Global Education Solutions.