EUPMEuropean Union Police Mission
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13) The aim of this structure was to provide "fora in which the EUPM consulted with local police on reform priorities and projects and in which the progress of the reforms was jointly monitored, assessed and recommendations for further improvement were developed.
The latest became the second EU police mission in the Balkans after the EUPM.
The EUPM BiH was launched in January 2003 for an initial period of three years, but was then prolonged at the request of the country's authorities.
EUPM (2004) 'Mission Statement', European Union Police Mission.
Next we contextualize the EUPM before exploring a series of subjugating practices, most of them inconspicuous in nature, through which the mission pursues its projects of improvement, and we document the constellation of asymmetric social control that is effected by them.
The EUPM is also leaving behind two police brands - the 122 emergency phone number and the Krimolovci (Crime Stoppers) hotline.
EUPM replaced the UN's own mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina (UNMIBH) in 2003 and did not support the idea of a institutionalizing a vetting process to examine the pasts of new police recruits.
Though the EUPM showed its effectiveness in Yugoslavia, it owes this largely to its civilian-military mix.
Five years after the launch of the first EU crisis management mission (the police operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina EUPM - in 2003), it is important to give the CFSP a more solid joint doctrinal pillar.
It is already participating in the NATO military operation in Kosovo (KFOR under UN mandate), as well as in EU operations in Bosnia (ALTHEA military operation and EUPM civil police mission) and in Congo (EUPOL DRC).
If there are appropriate resources and there is no reluctance to bring into play executive powers, the EULEX mission in Kosovo would be a success," Brigadier-General Vincenzo Coppola, the head of the EUPM, has told journalists.
Coppola expects the Kosovo EULEX mission to be a success, as unlike EUPM, it is equipped with "appropriate tools," namely executive powers.