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EUREuro (European Monetary Unit)
EURErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Netherlands)
EUREuropean Utility Requirements (nuclear power)
EURBureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (US State Department)
EUREstimated Ultimate Recovery (Oil & Gas)
EUREsposizione Universale Romana (area of Rome, Italy)
EUREastern Underground Railway (former transport system in Ipswich, England)
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The equity capital for January - July 2014 amounted to EUR 107.
In 2013 alone the Group ordered 167 new aircraft worth EUR 23bn.
Next up is media giant Tony O'Reilly, 69, with EUR 2.
Based on JSG's 2001 full-year results, a multiple of seven suggests a price of Eur 3.
Orange' revenues surge by 23% y/y o EUR 239mn in Q1
Rila Sport company to invest EUR 100mn in ski resort Panichishte
The EUR customer base includes over 40 telecom service providers in North America, three quarters of which are not existing Intec customers, presenting an additional opportunity for cross-selling of Intec products.
Outsourcing the remittance processing piece to EUR saved us a lot of time and money as they had the staff, equipment, and expertise already in place and could get us up and running immediately.
Last month (on 18 March 2004) it was announced that DrKW made a pre-tax profit of EUR 306m for the year of 2003, compared with a loss of EUR 608m the previous year - representing a turnaround of nearly EUR 900m.