EURABEuropean Union Research Advisory Board
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But universities, companies and other academic organisations have to buy annual subscriptions to read these journals and they can cost Pounds 10,000, a major downside, said EURAB.
EURAB is a high-level, independent, advisory committee created in 2004 by the Commission to provide advice on the design and implementation of EU research policy.
EURAB comprises 45 members, 20 of whom have been proposed by the European Science Foundation (ESF) to represent the world of science and academia, and 20 proposed by UNICE, the Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe, to represent the world of business and industry.
EURAB brought together public and private security research stakeholders from industry, academia and law enforcement, and its report, published in September, provides recommendations on how to make best use of this larger programme.
EURAB contains 45 experts from both within and outside the EU, and was created in June 2001 in order to act as a European consultative committee for research policy.
ON Ruhrgas AG, Alexander Medvedev, Vice-President of Gazprom, and Rainer Seele, member of the Wintershall administrative council; Mr Kyprianou to receive a delegation from the EU Dental Liaison Committee; Mrs Hubner to meet parliamentarians from the Visegrad countries; Mr Barrot at the 10th anniversary conference of Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme); Mr Frattini at the 'Public Private dialogue on security' conference; Mr Potocnik at the EURAB (European Research Advisory Board) meeting (Brussels, Borschette); Mr Spidla at the 'Business case for diversity' conference, organised by the British presidency