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EURATEXEuropean Apparel and Textile Organisation
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Klaus Huneke has also been actively involved in the representation of textile and clothing industry at the European level, acting as a Board Member since 2013 and Vice-President Treasurer of EURATEX since 2015.
Mandatory origin marking is highly controversial inside the textile industry: inside Euratex, the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, just like in the European Council, Southern countries plead in favour and Northern countries against.
The connection with and membership of EURATEX will be very beneficial for us considering we are going to get many information on everything happening in Europe and the world," Perkovska said.
The MOU was inked by TTF chairman William Wong and EURATEX chairman Dr.
Stuck in the middle of this dispute, Euratex, the voice of the European textile and clothing industry has refused to take a position on the proposed legislation potentially becoming law: "[This] is a very sensitive issue for us and our members," said Luisa Santos, head of international trade at Euratex.
The time has now come to limit the seemingly voracious appetite of Chinese exporters for the European market,'' EURATEX Director General Bill Lakin said.
This has met with opposition from Euratex (the European Apparel and Textile Confederation) and from competing developing countries such as India.
Lutz Walter, Euratex and European Textile Technology Platform
As proclaimed by EURATEX, the access to raw materials (especially cotton, man-made fibres and chemicals) is becoming an extremely urgent problem for the EU Textiles & Clothing industry .
Represented by Euratex, the sector says it is "profoundly disappointed by the way EU policy makers have decided to use trade as a political instrument, totally disregarding the economic interests of the EU textile and clothing industry, its companies and workers".
Euratex, a European association of textile producers, has strongly opposed the idea of giving Pakistan a preferential treatment.
It was for that reason that Euratex had been unable to adopt a common position for the EU industry.