EURECEuropean Union Renewable Energy Centers
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Since new technology is inherently risky, this funding must be committed alongside investments by the private sector with as few other conditions as possible," argues Greg Arrowsmith from EUREC.
The paper, funded by the British group, Renewable Energy systems and prepared in cooperation with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and the EUREC Agency's Masters programme, estimates that global production of oil could peak' in as little as eight years time with production of gas likely to peak' in 2030, with prices rising steeply well in advance of this.
Compared with the EU's previous Framework Programme for Research and Development, the budget for renewables has fallen over the past two years from Euro 275 to Euro 215-260 million, according to EREC, the European Renewable Energy Council, EUREC, the European Renewable Energy Centres Agency, and EUFORES, the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources.
This feature will attract engineers with an international outlook", commented Professor Arthouros Zervos, Vice-President of EUREC and Academic Director for the programme's wind technology specialisation.
EUREC, the European agency linking renewables research centres, has launched a new post-graduate qualification in renewable energy.
The associations are:- EWEA: the European Wind Energy Association- - EUREC Agency: the European Association of Renewable- Energy Research Centres- - ESHA: the European Small Hydro Association- ESIF: the European Solar Industry Federation- - EREEC: the European Renewable Energy Export Council.
EUREC - the European Association of Renewable Energy Research Centers - presented its technology prize to Spanish company Trama Tecno Ambiental (TTA), at the end of its 17th conference on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, held in Munich on October 26.
The Photo-voltaic Information Strategy for Architects and European Citizens initiative was taken after EUREC completed a Europe-wide consultation on PV perceptions by architects.