EUREFEuropean Reference Frame
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ERGNSS is a national CORS network managed by the Spanish National Geographic Institute since 1998; 75 stations form the network, 24 are integrated into the EUREF European Network and 3 (LPAL, MELI and YEBE) into the global network of the International GNSS Service (IGS).
2007), following the EUREF Guidelines for the European Permanent Network Analysis Centres (http://www.
Tis station, which is a part of the EUREF Permanent Network, is the reference point of the European Terrestrial Reference System (ETRS) in Lithuania (Parseliunas, Kolosovskis 2005; Parseliunas et al.
Data acquisition rate has been set to 1 second, and in accordance with the requirements of ASG-PL and EUREF, observation intervals are thinned to 5 sec.
Asi, se crea en 1987 la Subcomision EUREF como sucesora de la desaparecida RETRIG.
The connecting base consists of the GOPE station of IGS and EUREF permanent services, and then the trigonometric point Pecny (which was used in the first international GPS campaign in Czechoslovakia EUREFCS-H/91 in 1991(Stankova, Cernota 2010).
Currently, absolute PCCs are routinely used in both the International GNSS Service (IGS) and the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) (Baire et al.
La estacion de MALL (Mallorca) esta gestionada a su vez por la red permanente EUREF (EPN) desde el ano 2000 y posee un receptor LEICA GRX1200GGPRO con antena choke ring LEIAT504.
Para obtener este parametro se han utilizado archivos RINEX de estaciones GNSS permanentes situadas sobre la region de estudio (Figura 1) de las redes EUREF Permanent NetWork (EPN) e International GNSS Service, IGS.
This is a major topic of the EUREF committee (EUREF symposium Budapest 2013, EUREF symposium Vilnius 2014).
Ambas han sido determinadas en el sistema 1TRS (ITRF05) a partir de estaciones de referencia pertenecientes a EUREF y transformadas a ETRS89 (ETRF05) siguiendo el procedimiento recomendado por Boucher y Altamimi (2011).
GPS station VILNIUS, which is a part of the EUREF permanent network (EPN), is the reference point of ETRS89 (European Terrestrial Reference System of 1989) in Lithuania (Fig.